Trimble S3 and S5 robotic total stations

Price: £175 per week



Hire a Trimble S3 or S5 robotic total station, complete with Trimble MT1000 MultiTrack target, TSC3, Trimble power kit,telescopic pole and heavy duty tripod

Trimble S3 robotic total station

The S3 robotic total station solution sports an integrated robotic radio and your choice of field software, integrated high capacity battery and dual charger, and prism. The S3 can be used with your choice of controller, the Trimble TSC3, Trimble Tablet rugged PC or intergrated Trimble CU controller. All are reliable data controllers and works with Trimble Access™.

Trimble S5 robotic total station

Count on the Trimble S5 total station to make your job easier, day after day, project after project. Built on proven Trimble technologies––including Trimble SurePoint and MagDrive™ technology, and our DR Plus EDM––this is the no nonsense workhorse that works efficiently and dependably while maintaining the highest possible accuracy.