Trimble R4 VRS / R6 VRS

Price: £250 per week


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Hire VRS NOW Correction Service and Trimble R4 Kit or Trimble R6 Kit, complete with TSC3, SIM card and telescopic range pole

The Trimble® R4 GPS system with Trimble Digital Field book software is an integrated receiver which can be used as a VRS Rover, RTK Rover or Field Base Station.

The dual-frequency antenna enhances tracking capacity and delivers sub-millimetre phase centre stability, for precise results in demanding conditions.  Internally powered with removable batteries, this system provides 11 hours of uninterrupted field operation.

  • Lightweight, ergonomic and cable-free
  • Use as a lightweight rover for static surveying or RTK
  • 11 hours of uninterrupted field operation
  • Scalable from post processing to VRS to multi-constellation RTK configurations


The Trimble R4 with Trimble Digital Fieldbook is also completely compatible with Trimble VRS™ solutions, creating an attractive VRS rover for use inside real-time networks. With built-in 450 MHz receive radio or an external cellular modem, this system can be adapted to meet a variety of needs As a base station, The Trimble R4 with the integrated UHF transmit option is rugged, weather resistant and compatible with a range of radio solutions.

Designed to bring the Trimble experience to more surveyors, the Trimble R4 with Trimble Digital Fieldbook system helps shorten training time and simplify data collection.