Trimble CloudEngine

Powerful 3D capture and analysis doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice in usability. Trimble CloudEngine is intuitive, intelligent design and point cloud editor – perfect for driving productivity and quality between technical and non-technical collaborators.

Ensure Accuracy Across All Project Stages

  • Validate designs, document changes, and the accuracy of the as-built model at every step of the project’s development.

Make Point Cloud Data Easy to Understand

  • Extract a living document that can be easily shared with and viewed by non-technical stakeholders to monitor and track construction progress.

Improve Surface Geometry of Concrete Floors

  • Automate horizontal and vertical surface analysis with industry standard testing methods and customizable reports that can be published in visual modelling platforms.

Product Information


Key Features

  • Supports point cloud data from multiple sources including LIDAR, photogrammetry, SLAM, terrestrial and 360-degree photography
  • Add dimensions, annotations, images, reference tags and PDF documents to your scan
  • Perform complex clash detection analysis with cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-model, or model-to-model reporting
  • Project planning and progression via visualised construction sequences using both point cloud data and model elements
  • Limitless collaboration and model sharing with colleagues or with stakeholders, no matter their physical location

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Tech Specs

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