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Reliable. Accurate. 24/7 Support

OmniSTAR services deliver reliable, accurate GNSS positions that help our customers reduce cost and increase productivity. OmniSTAR’s 24/7 support creates a relationship of trust and confidence with our customers.  With convenient delivery, global coverage, reliable systems and 24-hour support, OmniSTAR makes it easy for you to get the accuracy you need any time day or night.

Product Information

Key Features

  • With convenient delivery, global coverage, reliable systems and 24-hour support, OmniSTAR is fast, simple and easy to use
  • Expands your scope by providing multipe-accuracy solutions with seamless worldwide coverage
  • With no on-going maintenance of base stations or radio licenses, using OmniSTAR helps you to keep your costs low
  • With no reliable on ground-based infrastructure, you are free to complete jobs quickly and easily
  • Multipe options for accuracy means that you can pick and choose the solution that fits your application and industry need
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    Case Studies
    • A combination of two Trimble GPS solutions, the R10 Receiver and Trimble Catalyst (a unique subscription-based GPS solution)

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    • Trimble VRS Now has been used to replace a base station bringing even greater coverage and improved efficiency to the Hydrographic Survey Team at ABP Southampton.

      Supporting the safe navigation of vessels within the Port of Southampton Read More >
    Case Studies
    Latest News
    • “Trimble VRS Now can be summed up in a single word – reliability.” Neil Jefferies, Greenhatch Group Director     There are many reasons why KOREC customers rate Trimble’s VRS Now Service but in all the years since it’s release, the top four haven’t changed at all – accuracy, flexibility, reliability and availability – all […]

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    • Did you know that the Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner has an integrated calibration feature that offers full auto-calibration of range and angular systems in 25 seconds with no user interaction or targets? This Trimble technology is a smart feature that monitors environmental temperature, ambient light, vibration, instrument temperature and vertical speed to take the […]

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