Move Solutions

Structural health monitoring for civil infrastructure

Move Solutions

Move Solutions is an innovative Italian company with the motto “we love measuring our world”. The company’s goal is simple – to make the structural health monitoring of vital infrastructure clear, simple to understand and operate, and affordable.

KOREC is delighted to partner with Move to bring innovative, affordable and versatile structural monitoring to our customer base.

Why Monitor?

Over the past 20 years, an average of 14 civil structures per year have collapsed. This is just the tip of the iceberg – In Italy (home of move solutions) half of the nation’s critical bridges are over 40 years old, with almost 2000 bridges and viaducts at serious risk of failure. The Genoa bridge collapse of 2018, leading to the loss of 43 lives, is a recent, tragic example.

Move Solutions have designed a sophisticated yet flexible system of monitoring that is designed for the 21st century. Fully wireless, the system is scalable, adjustable, reconfigurable and energy efficient, rendering it suitable for a wide range of monitoring challenges, from small to large.

How Does it Work?

The solution comprises 3 key elements;

Network of sensors

Mount wireless sensors on the asset to be monitored. A vast array of measurements and movement can be collected to suit your application, including;

  • Displacement
  • Vibrations
  • Accelerations
  • Angle variations
  • Static deformation
  • Crack and joint movement
  • Lateral or vertical ground movement
  • Ground pore water pressure
  • Strain

Sensors are all wireless, compact and can be attached simply and quickly with screws. In some cases, battery life is up to 8 years!

LoRaWAN communications gateway

Installed sensors constantly monitor structural changes and transmit this data to the gateway device.

Thanks to ultra-efficient, LoRaWAN (long-range, wide area network protocols) data can be sent continuously across extended areas (upto 15km in some conditions) using very little power.

Online data platform

This data is constantly fed to the Move Solutions online platform, which can be accessed from any location in the word, 24/7.

The platform allows the user to;

  • Be alerted automatically when trigger levels are breached
  • Access, view and export your measurement data
  • Configure and reconfigure all your sensors remotely
  • Analyse collected data utilising move’s processing algorithms
  • Export measurement data as a CSV
  • Configure alerts to multiple recipients via email

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    Key Benefits

    • Multiple connector options to integrate data into 3rd party software – including Trimble’s T4D software package
    • Replaceable sensor and node batteries with auto reconnection with no need for reconfiguration.
    • Sensor watchdog software to identify and resolve any lost connection and data corruption occurrences.
    • Auto connection sensors to gateway.

    Monitoring Applications

    • Bridge and overpass monitoring
    • Railway monitoring
    • Building monitoring

    Case Studies

    Casella Bridge, Genoa, Italy

    The bridge located on the Scrivia river, one of the arteries of the  homonymous valley, is a structure all about 160 meters long and is divided into 7 spans with lowered arches, in reinforced concrete. Built-in the early 1900s, it served as a road and rail bridge for years.

    In 1980 the extension of the bridge over the Scrivia (structure in reinforced concrete with slab and beams) was carried out and also a shift of the railway network to its own site, thus splitting the two uses.

    To monitor the health of the bridge, a wireless sensor network was installed consisting of DECK to monitor displacement and Triaxial Tiltmeter to monitor the inclination of the structure. DECK sensors were installed on the intrados of the arch and also on the piles, to record all the dynamic events caused by the passage of the train at high speeds.

    The Triaxial Tiltmeters were installed in strategic points of the structure to monitor the presence or absence of inclinations. Effects due to temperature such as seasonality were excluded from this analysis of static movements.

    Beirut Silos, Lebanon

    The Beirut Grain Silos, 42 cylindrical reinforced concrete structures 48 meters high containing 85% of Lebanon’s grain reserves, were built in the port of the capital in the late 1960s.

    On August 4, 2020, the tremendous explosion that occurred in the warehouse of storage just 85m away from the Silos caused enormous damage, impacting the city along a 600m radius.

    The part of the structure facing east collapsed completely, while the one facing west resisted without collapsing, preventing the shock wave of the explosion from reaching the western part of the city with all its original strength. The Beirut grain silos therefore partially protected the city of Beirut from destruction, despite being only a few tens of meters away from the heart of the detonation. Thanks to this huge contribution to the city, this structure has become a symbol for the whole of Lebanon.

    A few months after the catastrophic event, after the 3D laser measurements of the end of 2020 and the spring of 2021, inclinations that were not visible without adequate instrumentation were highlighted. For this reason, the Swiss company Smartec was able to deliver to its customer, Amann Engineering GmbH (Geneva CH), a wireless sensor system from Move Solutions for the permanent monitoring of the Beirut silos.

    The monitoring system consists of multiple Triaxial Tiltmeter sensors, installed tens of meters high to monitor any angular variation of the inclination of the structure. These wireless devices are very easy to install and therefore are perfect for a dangerous and difficult to access facility like this one. The entire monitoring system uses LoRaWAN radio communication to send the detected data to the Gateway installed on site. These Triaxial Tilmeter by Move Solutions, installed on the walls of the Silos, allow monitoring these rotations imperceptible to the naked eye with high resolution and precision correlating it to a temperature measurement.

    The collected data can be viewed in real-time thanks to the Move Solutions ™ Move Cloud Platform, which allows the customer to remotely monitor the site of interest and, through the many tools available, facilitates its analysis. With the Move Cloud Platform, the customer was able to set different operating parameters for each sensor, including sampling rates, alarm thresholds and much more. The system guarantees constant monitoring of the health of the structure and the creation of historical records of the collected data which can be accessed at any time.