KOREC Rail in 2023

If the new year is all about fresh ideas, new resolutions and looking forwards, then we can think of no better way for the KOREC Rail and KOREC Monitoring teams to welcome you to 2023 than with a round-up of all our latest news .

If the new year is all about fresh ideas, new resolutions and looking forwards, then we can think of no better way for the KOREC Rail and KOREC Monitoring teams to welcome you to 2023 than with a round-up of all our latest news including new products, events and why we have even more to offer our KOREC rail customers!

The KOREC monitoring team also specialises in rail!

Did you know that our KOREC Monitoring team is also extremely experienced in rail applications? In fact we’ve had so many enquiries from the rail sector during 2022 that we’ve extended this team to meet all your specialist enquiries. From tunnel monitoring during piling and excavation work at Kings Cross to monitoring the Metro in Newcastle City Centre in the North East, our expertise will bring KOREC customers seamless workflows, logical processes, and the ability to display data in the formats required for rail projects.

As HS2 takes off we want to be in a strong position to support this benchmark engineering rail project and of course all our other customers to the highest level.

NEW – Rail monitoring software module reduces up to 95% of office time!

Especially relevant to rail monitoring is the launch of Trimble 4D for Rail, a special software module for real-time displacement monitoring and detection. This rail module simplifies the data collection process and reduces up to 95% of the office work required to automate movement detection.

Released in December, this software module makes rail monitoring easier than ever. For full details on exactly how, there’s a great Trimble Blog that’s well worth a read. Expect full information on:

·         Rail monitoring – an introduction and the basics

·         How to create & integrate accurate rail as-builts with ease

·         All about automated analysis & visualisation

·         Next steps – flexible monitoring & expanded business opportunities

For further information, please contact our KOREC Monitoring Consultant, Liam Hartley, on 07870 896318 or you can view a useful Trimble webinar here.

….And with that mention of Liam, now seems the right time to introduce both our Rail and Monitoring teams!

Meet the Rail and Monitoring Teams – faster contact with the right person

LIAM HARTLEY – Monitoring Consultant. Follow Liam on LinkedIn

ADAM WRIGHT – Senior Monitoring Applications Engineer. Follow Adam on LinkedIn

JULIAN GRAY – Systems Support. Follow Julian on LinkedIn

…..and why not reconnect with the Rail team           

RIC KIRMAN – Rail Manager. Follow Ric on LinkedIn

JOSH BAYLISS– Rail Consultant. Follow Josh on LinkedIn

MATT BARWELL – Senior Rail Applications Engineer. Follow Matt on LinkedIn

Vacancy – Rail Applications Engineer. View job details here

NEW – Another useful release, the Trimble GEDO IMU is now wireless! 

Now has wireless connection to the controller!

The next generation of Trimble GEDO IMU, along with a new set of accessories, has also been released; All Trimble GEDO IMU systems will now feature a Wi-Fi connection for cable-free connection to your data logger along with new power management with battery hot-swap capability.

We’re delighted to see the wireless versions already being used effectively on sites across the country with Protech Rail Engineering and Network Rail.

Our own Matt Barwell has been testing it out and reports that “it’s handy and there’s no doubt the wireless connection to the data logger will really enhance the longevity of your equipment. This is definitely a smart move by Trimble.”

Contact Matt for a demo by calling him on 07974 255597.

GEDO NovaTrack – new version

We like to think of Trimble’s GEDO NovaTrack software as the missing piece of the puzzle. Super easy to use, cost effective and highly workable, we’ve been seeing great take up across the UK and Ireland with users reporting a turnaround time that’s 50% faster. 

Simply, NovaTrack can be incorporated into your GEDO workflow to enable the creation of intelligent track alignments based on GEDO rail surveys.

Using GEDO NovaTrack, rail engineers will always be maintaining track to the same improved position therefore enhancing track quality and speed. Plus the new alignment can also be used to create 3D ballast files in GEDO Office for machine control applications.

We’re always out and about – where to find us

Over the coming months, we’ll  be attending:

 The Rail Infrastructure EventLondon 2023
Thursday 9 March 2023, 9:30am-13:30 | Business Design Centre, Islington

Rail Live –  Stratford-upon-Avon 2023

Europe’s largest rail plant Show running on the 21st and 22nd June 2023

Looking ahead – we need your comments for Trimble development

Towards the end of March, KOREC Rail will be hosting all of Trimble’s leading rail distributors at a special meeting at Doncaster’s National College For Advanced Transport & Infrastructure. This is an extremely prestigious event for KOREC to be a part of and it recognises the achievements of our rail team over the last 2 years.

However, the real business of this event is for Trimble and Trimble’s dealers to get their heads together to share best practice, new and exciting workflows, technical knowledge and above all, your feedback. This is absolutely the best opportunity we have with Trimble for sharing what you , our customers, really want to see technology wise in the future.

Please do use the LinkedIn comments section to get your wish list into the hands of those that can really help!

And finally, we’re especially looking forward to:                      

Assisting the PWI with the survey works for the upcoming (end of March) practical trackwork challenge to be held at the Midland Railway – Butterley in Derbyshire. This follows on from last year’s successful participation in this event.

We look forward to seeing you soon!