Forensic Surveying and Crime Scene Mapping

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Crime scene and collision evidence gathering is a discipline that brings its own set of challenges. The pressure to work quickly and capture every detail of a scene, often with no chance to revisit the site later, means that the emergency services need to have 100% confidence in the reliability of their survey instrumentation.

KOREC has a strong track record for supplying innovative solutions to emergency services. We also have an excellent relationship with National Highways through the provision of Trimble’s VRS Now real-time correction service (for use with GNSS). Why did they choose Trimble VRS Now? One word – reliability!

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“We needed equipment that was reliable and from a trustworthy company. Since taking delivery from KOREC in April we have attended twenty fatals, twenty potentials fatal, two crime scenes and one plane crash and have been cutting survey time on site by up to 50% in some cases. Shorter time on site means shorter road closures and less disruption to traffic.”

PC David Taylor, North Yorkshire Police Collision Investigation Unit

How Is a Crime Scene Mapped?

Once a crime scene is established, a forensic investigation takes place. Crime scene mapping and crime scene processing is an important step in the analysis of events. A forensic crime scene is mapped by a forensic surveyor, who uses expert materials and tools for documenting a crime scene. A crime scene investigation can include cameras, drones, total stations, 3D laser scanners, GNSS systems, and other tools that will help identify and collect forensic evidence

Processing a crime scene will usually include GNSS positioning devices, measurement devices, and documentation tools that use various methods of mapping and imaging to gather data on crime scenes.

Forensic Mapping Solutions

We offer tools for forensic surveyors that gather and process information, making it easy to analyse and map the location. Measure the area to a high degree of accuracy with our crime scene investigation surveying devices.

A forensic surveyor has the important task of precisely mapping a forensic crime scene. The data they collect can be analysed and used as evidence later down the line if needed. This is why it’s important for forensic surveyors to ensure the accuracy of the measured area.


3D Crime Scene Mapping

Our surveying equipment offers a 3D crime scene laser mapping system linked to crime scene mapping software that will deliver precise measurements straight to your computer. 3D crime scene surveying is a great way to gather detailed information about crime scenes to access anywhere you go.

Mapping Crime Scene Measurements

Laser crime scene mapping is a great way to gather precise measurements. The tools we offer can gather invaluable data on crime scenes that we can use to report back, find comparisons with other crime scenes, and ultimately assist in solving a case.

Why Choose KOREC?

With over 50 years’ experience supplying high-quality surveying solutions to a range of clients and industries, we are well-placed to offer the advice, training and technical support you need to ensure your product works best for you. As a registered Trimble partner and training provider, we will advise on the best product for your needs, as well as provide calibration, maintenance, technical support and extensive training, should you need it. 

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