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We’ll be regularly posting all the useful stuff that you need to know about Trimble SiteVision including Trimble tips and advice, KOREC opinion, video examples, training, customer feedback and some good honest FAQ’s!

Click on any of the links below and of course, don’t forget that You can buy Trimble SiteVision online from KOREC here

Trimble SiteVision Essentials (1) –  Hardware set up (1) and getting your phone ready (video)

Trimble SiteVision Essentials (2) – What phone should you use with Trimble SiteVision

Trimble SiteVision Essentials (3) – Installing the SiteVision app on your Android phone

Trimble SiteVision Essentials (4) – Hardware setup (2) connecting to a mobile device and offset measurements (video)

Trimble SiteVision Essentials (5) – Preparing your data (1) Prepare thematic maps using Trimble Business Center

Trimble SiteVision Essentials (6) – Visualise a PDF Plan or Image

Trimble SiteVision Essentials (7) – Learn how to prepare and export a VCL

Trimble SiteVision Essentials (8) – Download and install the SiteVision AR Exporter Extension via the SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Trimble SiteVision Essentials (9) – Learning to use SketchUp components


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Case Studies
  • How Tri-Tech Surveys achieved 4km of crisp, clear corridor mapping imagery in a single morning…

    Corridor Mapping with senseFly’s eBee X Read More >
  • A single Trimble monitoring system is all that’s required for a challenging site thanks to intelligent planning and a full understanding of the project’s challenges.

    Monitoring the Albert Hall with the Trimble S8 Read More >
Case Studies
Latest News
  • In addition to current features, we’ve added new functions that take augmented reality to the next level. While you can still use SiteVision to: Reduce costs by catching design errors and make adjustments before construction begins. Achieve greater productivity by accelerating decision making and minimize rework. Easily communicate design to a wide range of stakeholders […]

    Trimble SiteVision Version 2.00 Read More >
  • Our thanks to Ted Harland, Managing Director of Tri-Tech Surveys, for our latest senseFly eBee X story. Ted and his team know eBee technology inside out and achieve some amazing results with their drone. This latest project saw them undertake a 4km corridor mapping project in a single morning achieving exactly the crisp, clear images […]

    New KOREC case study – Tri-Tech surveys corridor mapping Read More >
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