‘Going Electric’ in Solihull – with a little help from KOREC Mapping!

Trimble's TDC150 GNSS enabled data logger running KOREC Capture software is proving a useful tool for Solihull Council as it steps up its roll out of electric vehicle charging points.

Solihull Council is stepping up its roll out of electric vehicle charging points in a bid to ensure that residents in all types of accommodation, and especially those with no private driveway, are able to charge their electric vehicle locally and efficiently. Locations have also been selected based on whether there is a current demand or expected future demand for vehicles in that area.

The Trimble TDC150

Of course it’s vital for electric vehicle owners to know exactly where each of the fifty-six charging bays are located and the Highways Infrastructure department of the council used a KOREC supplied Trimble TDC150 data logger with KOREC Capture field data capture software on-board to locate each of the ‘as-built’ charging-points around the Borough.

Ryan Wilson, Apprentice GIS Mapping Technician for Solihull Council, customised a form in the KOREC Capture software to collect attributes alongside positional information. Fields included locality name, a photograph, whether the bays at that site were legally restricted by Traffic Regulation Orders and the number of satellites tracked.

Achieving 1-2cm in the field

Using Trimble’s VRS real-time data correction service, Ryan was achieving 1-2cm accuracy with the TDC150 Trimble logger, well over what he required. Even in heavily built-up areas still achieved 20-30 cms.

Ryan also put the TDC150 to good use to locate the nail on which his total station stood to place it within the BNG CRS (Ordnance Survey National Grid reference system) when he needed to measure the layout at one particular site where the road layout was modified slightly.

Our thanks to Ryan Wilson, Apprentice GIS Mapping Technician for Solihull Council for providing the information and images.

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Typical screen view
Solihull Portal Map Review