Go beyond the spec sheet to unlock your perfect 3D Laser Scanning solution with these five important questions

The fifth and final question in our 'five important questions blog' is......

The third question in our ‘five important questions blog’ is……

5.  Has it got a handle?

It’s possibly any scanners most underrated feature, but your scanner is worth thousands of pounds, not to mention any down time if it gets dropped! Easy maneouverability is vital in tight spaces of if you’re working within complex structures. Several of our customers have mentioned this as one of the deciding factors in their purchasing decision but it doesn’t even get a mention on the spec sheet!

Top tip: First hand example of how useful that handle can be, right here!

In conclusion, buying a 3D Laser Scanner is a lot like buying a car! Upkeep, reliablility, performance and suitability for purpose are all going to dictate your ultimate decision, and whilst we understand the attraction of leather seats, metallic paint and 0-60 in less than three seconds, we also understand that business decisions have to be based on hard facts. When choosing a 3D Laser Scanner, there is no easy choice, it’s about balancing your priorities to find the one that best fits your application.

However, it might be useful to know that the Trimble X7 and X9 are the ONLY 3D Laser Scanners on the market that offer all of the following:

  1. Self-levelling​
  2. Auto-calibration​
  3. Weatherproof​ with an IP55 rating
  4. Speed – fastest field to finish workflow​
  5. In-field auto registration​
  6. A handle!

1. What is the cost of ownership v. unit cost?

2. What’s more important to you, scan time or total time to project deliverable?

3. Survey grade levelling….optional extra or must have feature?

4. What’s the scanner’s IP rating and can I carry on working in the rain?

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