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Geospatial Equipment & Software Solutions

As one of the largest and most successful authorised Trimble distributors in the world, KOREC supplies a wide range of surveying, mapping and geospatial solutions to a number of industries across the UK and Ireland.

For surveying professionals, we stock a complete range of accurate and reliable GNSS solutions. This includes both integrated and modular systems as well as Trimble’s leading GNSS solutions. The R12i GNSS has set the global standard in the geospatial world for accurate, reliable and repeatable results – obtained quickly and easily, even in the most remote or difficult-to-access locations.

Similarly, Trimble’s fleet of robust, rugged and reliable total stations, the S-Series (for surveying and monitoring applications) and the RTS series (for construction professionals) are designed and built for the real world. 

These surveying solutions are built for high-speed geospatial data collection even in harsh, outdoor and unreliable weather conditions. With this durable equipment, you can be rest assured your total station won’t let you down, whatever the weather.

For laser scanning applications, we have a range of 3D scanners to suit all budgets and requirements – from high-accuracy detailed surveys, scan to BIM, floor flatness verification, visualisations of complex 3D structures and steelwork, and more. 

From the high-density scanning capabilities of the X12 scanner, to the simplicity and ease of the innovative X9 laser scanning system, not forgetting of course the combined power of the total station and laser scanner, the SX12.

To complement these solutions, we stock a wide range of field controllers and geospatial data collectors to suit all requirements. From the powerful, large-screen TSC7 controller and its little brother, the TSC5, to the highly versatile, rugged and waterproof TDC600 data collector and mobile phone – in-field data collection has never been smoother or simpler.

Back in the office, you need powerful yet simple office software to collate and process your data – software such as Trimble Business Center. This comprehensive suite supports in-depth spatial analysis and will quickly convert your survey data into high-value deliverables and insights for your client.

Mapping & Surveying Equipment for Every Need

Besides land surveying, KOREC supplies dedicated solutions to the rail industry, such as the GEDO track survey trolley. We also support highway and large-area mapping with the vehicle mounted MX9 and MX50 mobile mapping systems. These systems are able to deliver the accurate data the transport industry needs, in an incredibly quick and easy way.

We also proudly supply aerial mapping and survey drone solutions from our partners, Parrot & AgEagle too. From the ultra-compact lightweight ANAFI drones (ideal for remote locations) to the rugged eBeeX fixed-wing drone for larger scale, longer flight time aerial surveys and maps.

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