Rail Data Preparation for Machine Control

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22/03/2022 - 23/03/2022 All day
Repeat every month on theFourth Tuesday until 01/12/2022


This training course uses Trimble Business Center software to teach the complete process of preparing Trimble machine control ready surfaces from rail design files.  The corridor functionality is used to take imported alignments and create Ballast and Formation surfaces through the insertion of template instructions to follow the information given on the General Arrangement drawings for a track renewal or similar works.  GEDO Office is used on the course to generate the rail strings from the alignment data to aid the template creation process, as this greatly reduces the time formerly required to account for Cant and minimises the chance of human error.


Those completing this course will be able to:

  • Import track design alignment data into Trimble Business Center
  • Create Corridors to form the Ballast and Formation surfaces
  • Determine which design information needs to be incorporated into the Corridor
  • Check the resulting surfaces
  • Export resulting surfaces, linework and chainage labels to Trimble machine control data files (GCS900, Earthworks)


Suitable For

Rail design and track engineers with a requirement to create surfaces for Trimble Machine Control systems from rail design data.

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