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For more information, a demonstration or quotation use the search to find the nearest KOREC location or sub-distributor that supplies the product or service that you are interested in.

KOREC have offices and a sub distributor network acrocss the UK and Ireland.

Step 1) By entering the first half of your postcode the search will provide the quickest and most accurate results, however you can search town or city.

Step 2) Select the distance you wish to search with in.  You can leave this blank if you wish.

Step 3) Select the product that you are interested in from list. 
You'll find the products are in the same order as the Product listing page

Step 4) Select if you want to either Buy / Hire or Service / Repair.

KOREC's dealer network offers the Spectra Precision and Nikon range of instruments for Sale, Hire, Service and Repair.